Do you do custom or personalized orders?

Yes, and we are working on adding personalization to some of our products directly, but as of now you would need to message us and we will work with you to create and list the product on our store.

Please note that it may take some time to create the new listing but once it's up, we'll send you the link so you'll be able to purchase the product.

Why has my item not shipped?

It may takes us about 2-3 days to process orders once they've been received depending on how many orders we have in the queue.

Once the orders have been processed you'll receive a message with the tracking number where you can check the status of your delivery.

Please Note: Processing time can take up to 10 days during the Holidays due to the high volume of orders.

Why is my tracking not updating?

Oftentimes the tracking takes a day or two after processing for it to register in the shipping couriers system.

If your tracking has not updated and it has been more than a week, please reach out to us so we can check to see if the order possibly got lost in the mail and we'll be glad to send over a replacement.

The order says "Delivered" but I have not received it.

We recommend checking with your local post office directly to see if they are holding onto the package.

In rare occasions, we've heard of cases where the courier will mistakenly leave the package with neighbors.

Once the order has been placed, it will ship to the address provided. (If it is stuck "In Transit" for more than 2 weeks, please reach out and we'll be happy to check on your order for you.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Unfortunately we do not offer expedited shipping at this time, but more often than not, our items ship out faster than expected.